War Between Two Female Anchors in Biggboss house

September 8, 2021

War Between Two Female Anchors in Biggboss house

Biggboss season 5 has came on to the floor with high expectations . As it’s been just 3 days that the show has started it’s very tough to predict the game Strategies of the contestants.

One the other hand things doesn’t seems to be in place between this two anchors RJ Kajal and Lahari Shari. Since the day one day they have been rivalries between them. Kajal was nominated by Lahari in the first week of elimination. Lahari says that she has nominated kajal because she felt kajal is strong contestant.

In yesterday’s episode Kajal’s suggestions regarding the kitchen issues was not that better. It seems to be like Kajal was commanding on Lahari to do kitchen work. Lahari says Kajal is getting ‘hyper’ and accuses the latter of ‘attacking’ her. They have a heated argument. Lahari asks Kajal not to try to ‘create content’ every time.

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